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Fabricated Components

Fabrication refers to construction of machinery by assembling parts or sections. It mainly involves the manufacture of individual components that make up larger assemblies or end products. Fabricated Components encompass the working on metals and the incorporation of electrical and electronic devices into processors, circuit boards, and subassemblies for the components of navigation, communication, and control systems.

A fabricated component may be as simple as folding up a blanked out metal pattern and soldering the seams. The preliminary stage in fabrication is cutting out the pattern for the blank from a sheet of metal to be able to construct the actual part. This may be achieved through various methods, laser cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting etc. The next steps completely depend on customer's requirements.

Since fabricated Components require very less tooling that is why it is considered to be a cost effective method for prototypes and small quantity manufacturing. Fabricated products, when constructed accurately are regarded as successful in most applications just as a seamless machined or drawn unit. In automobiles, steering wheel, gears, linkages, and other machinery are used to manage the track of a vehicle's movement. This is known as Steering system.

Mainly there are 3 Steering System Components:

  • The steering wheel and attached shaft in the steering column which transmit the driver's movement to the steering gear;
  • The steering gear that increases the mechanical advantage while changing the rotary motion of the steering wheel to linear motion; and
  • The steering linkage (including the tie rod and tie-rod ends) that carries the linear motion to the steering-knuckle arms.

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