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Forged Components

These days quality conscious customers realize that forged products possess improved strength and toughness which reflects the quality and increases the life of any product. We have seen that metal components can be produced cheaply and efficiently by the casting process. Cast components however, are delicate and breakable. Some metal components like crankshafts, connecting rods, spanners, etc. have to stand up to conditions of harsh stress when in use. Components produced by the forging process, are much stronger than those produced by casting or by machining from solid bar material. Forged components are in great demand these days. From raw product through end product shipment, a complete line of traceability is guaranteed through accurate report of in-process inspection and testing of these components. If forged process is performed in systematic way by using good quality tools then obviously the resulting Forged components will be of good quality. Forging process is of many types like precision forging, hot forging, die forging, cold forging, metal forging, sheet forging, custom forging, hand forging, aluminum forging, industrial forging, open die forging, titanium forging, roll forging, brass forging, duplex forging, drop forging.

Forged components are mainly produced in industries which manufacture iron or steel forgings; wholesales ferrous iron & steel products; industrial valves & fittings; manufactures fabricated pipe fittings; plate metal fabricator; manufactures valves & pipe fittings etc. The goal of Kayjayforgings is to meet the needs of iron industry by providing conventional and special forged components which are produced by using best quality forged materials and also to manufacture other quality products and services. Further we fulfill our duty to produce high quality products and to perform with the least possible use of resources, and without harming the internal and external environment. It is our objective that the quality control system is in full compliance with the quality standards set by quality standard systems.