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Brake Pedals

A Brake Pedal is a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle. Nowadays in every vehicle brakes are termed as the automotive brakes. An energy conversion device used to slow a vehicle, stop it, or hold it in position. The two systems are the service brake and the parking brake, both of friction type. The service brake includes a hydraulically operated brake mechanism at each wheel. These wheel brakes are controlled by movement of the brake pedals, providing braking proportional to the applied pedal force. The parking brake is a mechanical brake operated through a separate hand lever or pedal; it applies parking-brake mechanisms usually at the two rear wheels. Most automotive vehicles have power-assisted braking, where a hydraulic or vacuum booster increases the force applied by the driver to the service-brake pedal.

The two types of wheel-brake mechanisms are drum brakes and disk brakes. Drum brakes are used on all four wheels in the older vehicles, and disk brakes are used on rear wheels of new vehicles. Some vehicles have disc brakes at all four wheels. The four wheel brakes are hydraulically interconnected so they operate together from one control. When the driver pushes the brake pedal, pistons are forced into fluid chambers in the master cylinder. Left foot braking is suitable in rallying and racing. Many commentators advise against the use of left-foot braking while driving on public roads. In emergency braking situations, it is common for the driver to extend both legs in a panic reaction. If the right foot is on the throttle, this will cause unwanted and potentially dangerous acceleration.

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