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Crankshaft Forging

The crankshaft, generally abbreviated as crank, is a part of an engine which translates reciprocating linear piston motion into rotation. By Forged crankshaft we refer to those crankshafts which are made by heating, melting and beating the metal (can be iron or aluminum or steel). Crankshaft Forging is done in order to create crankshafts according to the exact requirements of the customers. This process includes many operations that are carried out on metals and on basis of these operations we can get any desired type of crankshaft. During forging process specific attention is paid to get the best quality metal for processing or forging to get the high quality cranks. The crankshaft is a major concern to engine life and power. A good crankshaft can determine the life of an engine. As a cheap one can be the cause of potential danger whereas a well built is expected to last for decades. Since, affordability is a very important consideration for the success of any product. So, for this we perform crankshaft forging to get the high quality crankshafts which are long lasting and suit client budgets as well.

The Crankshaft Forging process produces a crankshaft which has higher metal density, and greater strength and resistance to flexing. Every engine is different and has different requirements. So, depending on the needs and type of engine, the relevant crankshaft is used it can be either forged crankshaft or a cast crankshaft or it can be a billet crankshaft.

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