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Crankshaft is an integral part of the engine which translates reciprocating linear piston motion into rotation. To convert the reciprocating motion into rotation, the crankshaft has "crank throws" or "crank pins", additional bearing surfaces whose axis is offset from that of the crank, to which the "big ends" of the connecting rods from each cylinder are attached. Crankshafts have a linear axis about which it rotates, typically with several bearing journals riding on replaceable bearings (the main bearings) held in the engine block. Crankshafts are also commonly known as cranks. Crankshaft manufacturing process varies in terms of vehicle. Small engines, such as those found in mopeds or garden machinery, are single cylinder and use only a single piston, simplifying crankshaft design. Big vehicles with big engines increase the complexity of design of custom crankshafts.

The configuration and number of pistons in relation to each other and the crank lead to straight, V or flat engines. Crankshafts can be gigantic (made in a single piece) or assembled from several pieces. Gigantic crankshafts are most common, but some smaller and larger engines use assembled crankshafts.

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