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Forging India

Forging industry is a very prosperous and the leading contributor in nation's economy nowadays. The reason being, forged products are in great demand due to their high quality, toughness and great strength. Earlier casted tools and products were enormously used but they were weaker. The characteristics of forged products are strength, reliability and economy. These are main facets why forged products are considered perfect for important automotive and other machinery related industries.

Forged components are commonly found at points of shock and stress such as wheel spindles, kingpins, axle beams and shafts, torsion bars, ball studs, idler arms, pitman arms and steering arms. Earlier, forging was performed for only a few tools and small machines but now forging is carried out on large scale. From small hand tools like hammers, sledges, wrenches and garden tools to big tools and engines like bars, blanks, blocks, connecting rods, cylinders, discs, elbows, rings, T's, shafts and sleeves now everything is forged in most of the forging industries.

Special hardware for electrical transmission and distribution lines such as pedestal caps, suspension clamps, sockets and brackets are commonly forged for strength, dependability and resistance to corrosion. Automotive and Truck , Agricultural machinery and equipment, valves fittings, Oil field applications, hand tools and hardware, general industrial equipments are few other kinds of tools manufactured in Forging industry.

Kayjayforgings is a well known name amongst the best forging industries in India. From Forging Parts, Honda Connecting Rods, Brake Pedals to Machined Components, Sheet Metal Components we have the required expertise to manufacture all sorts of forged materials. Some of our other quality products include Petrol Tanks, Crankshaft Forging, Fabricated Components, Auto Fuel Tanks, Crankshafts, Diesel Engine Components, Diesel Fuel Tanks and many more.

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