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Forging Industry

Forging industry is one of the most prosperous industries nowadays. And probably, it is the biggest contributor in country's economy. Forging is a term used for shaping of metal by usage of localized compressive forces. Forging processes are usually classified either by the type of equipment used or by the geometry of the end product. Cold forging is done at room temperature or near room temperature. Hot forging is done at a high temperature, which makes it easier to shape the metal and it is less likely to fracture.

Forging was done historically by smiths using hammer and anvil. In modern times, industrial forging is done either with presses or with hammers powered by compressed air, electricity, hydraulics or steam. These hammers are large and have reciprocating weight measuring thousands of pounds.

Forging generally results in metal that is stronger than cast or machined metal parts. The simplest forging operation is upsetting, which is carried out by compressing the metal between two flat parallel platens. From this simple operation, the process can be developed into more complicated geometries with the use of dies. This is the main reason why these days' forged products are preferred. This lead to increase in the production of forged products and hence, every day new forging industries are arising in the market.

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