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Forging is a metal shaping process in which a heated work piece is formed by rapid closing of a punch and a die forcing the work piece to conform to a die cavity. A work piece may be forged by a series of punch and die operations (or by several cavities in the same die) to gradually change its shape.

The forgings export industry in India is increasing day by day as the global requirement of forging parts or forgings is rising. Indian forging industry has been making significant contributions to country's growing exports. The industry's exports recorded a growth of almost 30% in 2004-05 and have reached a level of US$ 250 million. The industry's major markets are USA, Europe and China. There are many leading forgings exporters in India. There are about 30-35 units that are directly engaged in exports.

Major challenges faced by forgings exporters: Major challenges on domestic and export fronts that the forging industry is facing are as follows:


  • Volatile international and domestic prices of forging quality steel
  • Inefficient economies of scale.
  • Compliance with stringent environment norms.
  • Inadequate backward/forward linkages.
  • Difficulties associated with consolidation of capacities.


  • Impact of the volatile foreign exchange rates.
  • Reluctance of the overseas buyers to compensate for the steel price increases in India which were around 1 to 1.5 times more than international prices.
  • Inadequate investment in technology up gradation.
  • Inadequate R&D and training for coping with the demands of the export market.
  • Inadequate testing and validation facilities for smaller forging companies.
  • Inadequate overseas marketing support facilities.
  • Cost competitiveness adversely affected due to constant cost escalation.

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