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Forgings Companies, Factories, Suppliers in India

Forging is one of the oldest known metal working processes. It results in metal that is stronger than cast or machined metal parts. There are mainly three types of forgings: cold forgings, hot forgings and Warm forgings. Cold forging is done at room temperature or near room temperature. Hot forging is done at a high temperature, which makes metal easier to shape and less likely to fracture. Warm forging is done at an intermediate temperature in between room temperature and hot forging temperatures.

Forgings India is such an industry that has emerged as a major contributor to the manufacturing sector of the Indian Economy. The composition of the Indian forging industry can be categorized into four sectors - large, medium, small and tiny. As is the case world over, a major portion of this industry is made up of small and medium units/enterprises.

Only about 5% of the forging industry is made up by the large enterprises in terms of number. Out of the 330 odd units the large sector consists of about 9-10 units, the medium and small sectors consists of about 100 units and under the tiny sector, the units functioning are far too many and the number is difficult to estimate.

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Kay Jay Forgings India as the company stands at threshold of the future in the forging industry, poised to go head.