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Petrol Tanks

Auto Fuel tanks are a part of engine system in which fuel is stored and released into engines. These are usually made of steel and aluminum and are generally big metallic vessels which store gasoline or diesel or liquid petroleum gas. Fuel tanks are actually portable containers in which fuel is transported from one place to another place. These vary in size and complexity depending upon the vehicle. Auto fuel tanks can be categorized either into diesel tank or petrol tank depending on the type of fuel stored. Petrol tanks contain fuel which is released into vehicles. In any vehicle whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, a specific fuel system has to be developed, which optimizes the empty space left by the car architecture. Many technologies are followed to make fuel tanks for automobiles. Metallic Fuel Tanks are made by welding stamped sheets.

The proper design and construction of a Diesel fuel tank plays the most important role in the safety of the system. The improper placement of the fuel tank leads to increased probability of fire. Many companies in the market offer these fuel tanks for automotive sector. Kayjayforgings is also a well known name in the list of reliable and best quality manufacturers of fuel tanks. We provide quality products like Auto Fuel Tanks, Diesel Engine Components, and Petrol Tanks. To ensure the best quality every fuel tank is tested before shipping to customers. Some of our other products include Connecting Rods, Crank Shafts, Petrol Tanks, Brake Pedals, Gear Shift Lever, Lever kick Starters, Machine Assembly and many more.